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Variable Rate Technology

At Jacob Farms we use multiple forms of variable rate applications. We use variable rate fertilizer, seed, and lime. What this allows us to do is use the right amount of product and place it exactly where it needs to be.

For example, our planter has the ability to change seeding rates as we go through the field to take advantage in yield potential due to changing soil types. Better soils get more seed and poorer ground gets less. This maximizes the yield in the good areas and reduces inputs in the poorer areas.

The planters, sprayer, and fertilizer applicators all have section boom control that shuts off seed and fertilizer when you come into a part of the field that has already been planted or sprayed. This reduces overlap and reduces input cost while increasing yield by not over applying inputs.

This technology allows us to put inputs where they are needed, and cut back where they are not, thus increasing yield and reducing input cost by using less fertilizer and chemical.

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