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Jacob Farms Aerial View

Original Farm 1891

No-Till / Precision Farming

Jacob Farms seeks to maximize the use of its resources and the yield of the land for which the operation is responsible. This precision farming involves the following technologies and/or methodoligies. Click each item to learn more.

RTK (Real-Time Kinetic Satellite Navigation) – Jacob Farms has been using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on our tractors, sprayers, and combines since 2005. There are different levels of accuracy, but the highest level is called RTK, for Real-Time Kinetic satellite navigation. RTK is sub-inch accuracy pass to pass.

Cover Crops – Jacob Farms grows various cover crops throughout the growing season, including rye, radishes, sunn hemp, cow peas, millets, sudan grass, canola, lupins, turnips, and various other species.

Crop Rotation – Crop rotation can improve yield and profitability over time, control weeds, break disease cycles, control pests, reduce soil erosion, improve soil tilth, increase organic matter, and reduce runoff of nutrients and chemicals.

Variable Rate Technology – Jacob Farms uses multiple forms of variable rate applications. We use variable rate fertilizer, seed, and lime. This allows us to use the right amount of product and place it exactly where it needs to be.

Double Cropping – Jacob Farms receives around 30 inches of annual rainfall per year.  This amount of natural moisture allows us to grow more than one crop per year on the same field.

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